Friday, April 2, 2010

What Are The Differences Between Bass, Acoustic, and Electric Guitar Straps?

In a word, none. There are no differences between bass, acoustic, and electric guitar straps. Traditionally, bass players sling their guitar a little lower and may want to have a strap that is long enough to accommodate their playing style. But the actual construction and design of the strap are no different from any other guitar strap. Any guitar strap should be able to accommodate any guitar type.

When I started making custom guitar straps, one of the first things I did was research types of guitars, guitar bodies, strap pins, and comfort and function factors. Because I'm not a musician, I had that question as well... do different guitar types need different kinds of straps in terms of strength, construction, length, width, etc. What I found is that they do not. Commercial strap makers choose a length, width, and construction design that optimizes their costs while meeting the needs of most guitar players. Unusually tall or short players will need a strap that adjusts to an appropriate length but, beyond that, the actual strap construction is no different.

If your guitar is heavy, a wider strap is more comfortable but a conventional 2-inch strap is perfectly serviceable. When I created my own strap design I did consider comfort to be of equal importance to function and structure because, after playing for 2 hours, your shoulder starts to ache from the weight of the guitar. If you play bass guitar, you will want a wider strap for the comfort it affords, but don't go searching for bass guitar straps thinking there is some fundamental difference in design. There isn't.

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