Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Gorgeous Vintage Africa Print Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap

I am always searching for unique materials for my guitar straps and found this really cool vintage fabric from 1989, a remarkably complex Africa print design on a luscious, soft, substantial cotton. It has an interesting little back story that I hope you take a minute to read. Thanks for taking a look!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

A One of a Kind Custom Length Handmade Tapestry Guitar Strap

I LOVE unusual fabrics, distinctive patterns, just materials that go way outside the bounds of what is generally available to the public in the way of guitar straps. I make semi-annual pilgrimages to Milton, Florida, a wonderful little artisan community that has, among other things, an amazing selection of vintage fabrics. This is one of those awesome finds-- a gorgeous vintage tapestry that is just luscious in its design and weave. It is so thick that it won't fit through the triglide length adjuster so I am offering it as a custom length guitar strap. This being the only section I could salvage from the tapestry with absolutely no flaws, this is the only strap I could make so it is a one of a kind strap. I really hope you like it and I would love your comments on it! Thanks!! A stunning custom length one of a kind handmade guitar strap

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Whimsical Vintage Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap with a Victorian Floral Motif

The Victorian era is best known as a time of demure prudence even as it was also an era of hopeless romanticism. Victorian textiles and designs communicated that sense of innocence and sweet romantic naivete', of ladylike swooning and hearts beating with concealed anticipation for a glimpse of that object of affection. This artisan handmade guitar strap captures all of that-- the delicacy of love, of infatuation and, most of all, the dreamy ethereality of romance. Enjoy! A Sweet Vintage Cotton Victorian Floral Guitar Strap


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Plisse', Please 😀

Listed a vintage plisse' cotton guitar strap that is just super cool. Plisse' is a fabric treatment to create creases or puckers, making the material more unique and interesting The Egyptians first did this using raw eggs and a special wooden dowel with a narrow groove for creasing the fabric. In the modern era, a strip of sodium hydroxide is poured onto the fabric, causing it to shrink, thus creating puckers. This type of fabric is not seen much anymore because it is so expensive to produce. So, finding a swath of plisse' cotton was like Christmas to me. Thanks very much for taking a look! Vintage Plisse' Cotton Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap


Friday, July 7, 2017

Bunnies and Kittens and Baby's Breath-- a Gentle Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap

My guitar straps tend to be visually bold-- bright sharp colors, exaggerated designs. But every now and then I come upon a material that is so different and I just must make a guitar strap with it. That's the case with this fabric. The colors are soft, subtle, reminiscent of springtime in a way. It was just so lovely, so sweet, I had to make a strap with it. Thank you very much for taking a look! A Lovely and Delicate Pastel Plaid Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Rich Paisley Designs of India in A Unique Handmade Guitar Strap

One of the fascinating aspects of India is the intricacy of their designs. While paisley as a design element originated in Persia (today's Iran), it was, over the course of centuries, adopted and embellished by Indian artisans. It is now a staple of India art and textiles. This handmade guitar strap captures a bit of that ornate artistry. That the color combinations are so classically India  really reinforces the sense of the exotic origins of the design. An Orange and Teal Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Glorious Morning Artisan Handmade Guitar Strap

Morning glories! They are rich, colorful, romantic, and speak to a sweetness of life that is hard to describe. It is ironic in a melancholy way that morning glory blossoms bloom only once, in the early morning, then curl closed and die by the end of the day, making their beauty all the more poignant because it is so short lived. This artisan handmade guitar strap captures that delicate and passing beauty. Sweet Morning Glory Guitar Strap

Monday, July 3, 2017

Sunflower Guitar Straps and Maybe A Little Lesson About Life

Sunflowers are very trendy right now and since I love them, I had to make a sunflower guitar strap. It's available on Reverb.com at this linkCoolest Handmade Sunflower Guitar Strap Ever

What makes sunflowers so popular is that they are shamelessly proud. They feel like they are celebrating existence in an unselfconscious, joyous way that can be hard for people to understand. But, we learn from the world around us and maybe one thing we can learn is to still be excited by life, by its possibilities, by its extravangance. I hope you like this guitar strap. Thank you very much for taking a look!