Friday, April 2, 2010

The Amazing Beauty and Quality of Strictly 7 Guitars

As a custom guitar strap artisan, I see a lot of guitars and people who love their guitars for all kinds of different reasons. I had one patron whose father had bought an acoustic guitar through a Sears catalog in the 1930's. It turned out to be one of the first Martin guitars issued and while it was valuable in a monetary sense, it was priceless to him because it had been his father's. Others love their guitar because it sounds great or it was their biggest cash outlay or is a top-of-the-line guitar. There are as many reasons to love a guitar as there are guitars.

That said, I came upon a custom guitar maker whose guitars I am convinced you will absolutely love. I stumbled onto Strictly 7 Custom Guitars through their website designer, Doug at These are American made guitars, meticulously assembled and constructed, reasonably priced, and ready to go. They really are absolutely beautiful. So, I wanted to tell you about them and give you a link to visit them:

Here is what they have to say about themselves-- I urge you to visit Strictly 7 Custom Guitars and take a look for yourself at what they have to offer. Thanks for reading!! Terri

Hello and welcome to Strictly 7, showcasing fine American Made six-, seven-, and eight-string guitars. I spent years playing in bands with frustrated seven-string players. From that experience I was inspired to look into what it would take to build an instrument that would meet the requirements of true touring and recording professionals. And I found that we could build them and keep them affordable for recreational players all over the world. Along the road to what you have in your hands I have consulted many great players who all voiced the same aggravations with their guitar choices, specifically buying a guitar that would immediately need pickups, fret work, set-up and intonation right out of the box. Other major concerns were the need to have the nut re-cut to fit their gauge of stings, or--worse yet--finish flaws in a guitar they had waited 16 months to receive!

The endless list of problems players have been forced to live with seemed unreasonable and entirely correctable. Here at Strictly 7 guitars we offer "production" models that make other custom shops weep, and our custom shop guitars can fulfill every players dream. We start with the best components available, pay attention to detail, and maintain unyielding quality control before the instrument leaves our shop. If we wouldn’t play it, we wouldn’t expect a player to buy it. However, we also understand that not every player likes the same body shape, tremolo system, or pickup choice as the other guy, so we offer a full custom shop solution.

The bottom line is we want to build an affordable, truly American- made guitar that we can be proud of, one that will satisfy even the most discerning player, while insuring the options available to each and every player are as limitless as humanly possible. Our favorite answer to guitar players we have met at trade shows and concerts with their questions and problems is, "YES! We can do that."

If you can dream it or think of it, we will build it!

Jim Lewis
CEO Strictly 7 Guitars

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