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Designer Fabrics and My Guitar Straps

Designer Fabrics and My Guitar Straps

Published On: 07-26-2014 04:47am
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If you've looked around my shop at, you can tell I try to use unusual, off-the-beaten-path materials for my guitar straps. Those materials tend to be ornate, highly detailed, and very stylized. What I have always had difficulty finding is a material design that has those qualities but is, at the same time, visually stark, pure, something with a kind of unvarnished clarity. I recently came upon a fabric design that does exactly what I want, that is just chocked full of subtlety and detail but still has that sharp intensity that has been so hard to find.


The fabric itself is absolutely exquisite-- a thick, soft, glossy crepe de chine sateen that is simultaneously both meaty and elegant.  But even more impressive is that it has captured the hand of the artist in such humanizing, intimate detail. 


When I first saw this design, it looked for all the world as if the fabric had actually been drawn on and colored, that what I was getting was not a print but actual original art. I could see the movement of the colored pencil tip back and forth; I could see where the artist's hand had applied more or less pressure to achieve a saturated or pastel shading; I could see how fine or blunt the edge of the pencil was against the side of the guide used for drawing the straight lines. I simply could not stop studying the detail of the artwork.


Because this is a limited edition fabric, I will not be able to make more than a few guitar straps with it. But, oh, what beautiful guitar straps they will be! My plan is that each one will have a back lining unique to the shades of blue, peach, and yellow on the front-- a guitar strap that is utterly original, truly one of a kind. Having made the first one, I am so completely thrilled with how it looks, I can't wait to make the others. You can see my listing for this guitar strap here: ( and I hope you fall as profoundly in love with it as I have. Thanks for reading! Terri

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